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Our Story

The Legacy

     Our story begins with Joseph Romano having been in the dry-cleaning business for many years, and his wife, Maria Romano owning her own tailoring shop. Joe opened "Whitepoint Cleaners" June, 1988. Maria's tailoring shop, “The Button Nook", sold sewing accessories and provided the finest tailoring for men and women. Together, they both assured great workmanship and fine detailing, thereby, pleasing their customers in every way. They made customers entering into their stores feel like they were family. 

           Their son, Bobby Romano took ownership of "Whitepoint Cleaners" with his sisters Vivian and Linda working by his side. They continue to bring quality and friendly service to everyone that walks through their doors. This brand of customer service was instilled in them by their parents. Bobby, Vivian, and Linda are proud to represent and continue to cultivate the family tradition that was all started by their parents. 

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